Monday, December 27, 2010


Our elderly neighbor has no family.  She is a widow and had no children.  I guess she's adopted us.  She has begun giving us items she'll never use again like this lawn chair lounger.  We graciously say thank you and take the items.  I feel bad though, bad for her feeling the need to give away her possessions and bad because we have no intention of using them.

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  1. Yes, and yet you are giving her a huge gift by accepting these items. So me of them may carry precious memories, and the idea of putting them in the hands of someone she knows and is fond of may be very reassuring to her. And that chair, it reminds me of a lawn chair that my parents owned and how I used to set it on its side and fold it to make walls around me and pretend I had my own little fort. Thanks for re-kindling that memory...